The reason for this site is that the history of Eastbourne the surrounding districts, especially that of old town are fascinating. It seems that the more you dig the more fascinating it becomes, but unfortunately the more angry and disillusioned it makes one with the local authorities for their Neanderthal and sometimes barbaric treatment of our heritage.

The point of the site is that it will aim at introducing contributions from you about historical snippets that you are aware of and that can be included in the sight thus making it more interesting and informative. Or if you are aware of any of our heritage that is under threat contribute! and it will be included in the information on the site your voice counts. Who knows it may be that with a world wide audience there could be more care taken over some future decisions.

   If you have historical or other information concerning Eastbourne’s heritage please contribute.

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Pat Nessling Artwork Pat Nessling Artwork